SWF Thought of the Day: "Screenwriters' Festival 2009 was the biggest and best yet! Let's do it again sometime!" So say we all!
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What is the Screenwriters' Festival?

The Screenwriters' Festival (SWF) is the meeting place and community for screen storytellers in film and television and digital/online/gaming...


SWF brings together international screenwriters and the industry in which they work, to a single dedicated event. It provides a buzzing atmosphere where writers can connect with directors, producers, agents, development execs, financiers and commissioners. It offers pitching, networking and hard business as well as a chance to listen and learn from the best in the business with screenings, seminars, keynote speeches, networking and workshops. Most of all it puts writers in their true place at the heart of the business at the friendliest festival in the calendar. 

Spotlight: Speaker

James Schamus (Focus Features)

CEO of Focus Features, award-winning screenwriter and producer.

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